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The frequently asked questions try to answer all common questions you might have about connecting devices to your Mercedes-Benz-Vehicle. Select a topic you are interested in and click on the question to see the answer or search for a phrase directly.

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General Questions

Bluetooth Audio

  • Music playback does not start after connecting the phone.
    It may be necessary to start playback on the device itself or to start playback manually using the vehicle's system.
  • Music playback does not work properly (interruptions, distortions).
    This may be caused by the following: 1. The device is performing other operations and can therefore not transfer the music data correctly. Exit any other applications the phone is running. 2. Interference with other Bluetooth networks as well as W-LAN (WiFi) can impair playback. Please deactivate any W-LAN and other Bluetooth networks in your vicinity. 3. Your device is searching for other Bluetooth devices while playing music. Exit the Bluetooth menu in the device or deactivate the search for other devices.


Mobile-phone holders

Bluetooth (SAP) telephone module/handset

Apple CarPlay™

  • Which iPhones support Apple CarPlay™?
    Apple CarPlay™ is supported in principle by iPhones that have a Lightning connector, that is all iPhone models from iPhone 5. Apple launched iPhone 5 in 2012.
  • Are iPads and iPods supported?
    No. Apple has developed Apple CarPlay™ exclusively for iPhones.
  • Which operating system version is required for Apple CarPlay™?
    Officially, Apple CarPlay™ can be operated under iOS 7. However, Mercedes Benz supports Apple CarPlay™ from iOS 8.3. Apple is constantly working to improve Apple CarPlay™, and to increase its range of functions. Therefore, Apple recommends you always use the latest version of iOS.
  • Do I need to prepare my iPhone for Apple CarPlay™?
    No. If you have at least a 5th generation iPhone with iOS 8.3 installed, Apple CarPlay™ is directly available in the default settings. To start Apple CarPlay™ in your vehicle, you only need to connect your iPhone to the corresponding USB port of your vehicle using a certified Lightning cable (e.g. the white cable provided by Apple). Then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Do I need to install specific apps from the App Store for Apple CarPlay™?
    No. All apps you already use on your iPhone will be displayed automatically in Apple CarPlay™ if they are compatible. Apps such as news, maps, and telephony are generally available on the iPhone. Of course, you must download an app from the App Store, if this is not already installed on the iPhone. However, it is generally not necessary to configure the downloaded app.
  • Does Apple CarPlay™ display all apps installed on my iPhone?
    No. Unlike iPhone, Apple CarPlay™ only displays apps that are compatible with it. The apps are specified by Apple. Mercedes Benz has no direct influence on the number and kind of apps displayed, with a few exceptions.
  • Does Apple CarPlay™ require a mobile internet connection?
    In principle, no. However, a mobile internet connection is strongly recommended in order to take advantage of all features of Apple CarPlay™. The usability is severely restricted without a mobile data connection.
  • Does Apple CarPlay™ always require a cable connection?
    Mercedes Benz will continue to improve the integration of Apple CarPlay™. Currently, unless otherwise specified, Apple CarPlay™ is only available via a cable connection.
  • How do I quit Apple CarPlay™?
    In some systems, you can quit Apple CarPlay™ directly via the user interface of your multimedia system. Please refer to the operating instructions for more information. You can always quit Apple CarPlay™ by disconnecting the cable.
  • Why does Apple CarPlay™ require a mobile internet connection?
    Apple CarPlay™ is heavily reliant on voice control with SIRI. SIRI works only with an active internet connection. SIRI is a prerequisite for using Apple CarPlay™. Of course, Apple CarPlay™ can still be used if internet connection is temporarily not available. However, functions may be significantly limited (no route calculation in Apple Maps, no SIRI voice control, no audio streaming of media from the internet.)
  • Why does Apple CarPlay™ not start?
    This can be caused by various reasons. First, please check whether Apple CarPlay™ is enabled on the iPhone. The setting can be found under “Settings” --> “General” --> “Restrictions” on the iPhone. The entry "CarPlay" should always be enabled. We also recommend disconnecting and reconnecting the iPhone cable connection. Using a different cable may also help. Restarting the iPhone could also solve the issue. In rare cases, it has also been observed that the so-called "managed devices" prevent Apple CarPlay™ from starting. This is often the case with business phones that are provided and configured by a company, with various settings that are predefined, and cannot be changed by the user.
  • I generally have problems using Apple CarPlay™ or some apps.
    In principle, we recommend terminating the connection, restarting the iPhone, and then connecting it again. If only specific apps are affected, it is sometimes helpful to close and reopen the app on the iPhone. Please note that Mercedes Benz itself has no influence on the content of the apps, nor on their display. Important information: Using iPhones while driving is prohibited in many countries. The driver is responsible for compliance with local laws.
  • Is Apple CarPlay™ available worldwide?
    Mercedes Benz cars that support Apple CarPlay™ generally provide the necessary interface. Mercedes Benz has no influence on the availability of Apple CarPlay™ itself in specific countries. Please check with Apple if Apple CarPlay™ is available in your country.
  • What is the role of SIRI in Apple CarPlay™?
    SIRI is Apple's proprietary voice assistant. It plays a central role in Apple CarPlay™. When using Apple CarPlay™, you will notice that some apps invoke SIRI directly to retrieve content using speech. You can invoke SIRI anytime using the always available voice control button, and operate your iPhone by voice, without the need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.
  • Is data transmitted from the vehicle to the iPhone while Apple CarPlay™ is active?
    Certain information from the vehicle is required in order to run Apple CarPlay™. In order to use Apple CarPlay™, you need to consent to data transfer to the iPhone before starting Apple CarPlay™. Mercedes Benz respects your privacy, and only transmits data that is necessary for the optimal operation of Apple CarPlay™. For further information, please refer to the manual of your vehicle.
  • Is it possible to control vehicle functions using Apple CarPlay™ or SIRI?
    No. Apple CarPlay™ has no access to internal vehicle functions. For example, it is not possible to control the radio or the AC using Apple CarPlay™. Likewise, Apple CarPlay™ has no access to your vehicle’s driving features, so that, for example, you won’t be able to use it to manage cruise control. Apple CarPlay™ is a technology that has been integrated into the vehicle to provide the driver with access to iPhone content while driving, and not to access vehicle functions on the iPhone.
  • Is it possible to use Apple CarPlay™ in parallel to existing vehicle functions?
    In principle, yes. You will be able to access vehicle settings, radio, and other applications from the multimedia system while an Apple CarPlay™ connection is active. In some systems, however, some functions must be deactivated while Apple CarPlay™ is being used. Mercedes Benz will continue to improve the integration of Apple CarPlay™ so that all functions will be available in the future.

Media Interface

General Questions

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