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C-Class (MY 2008-2011)
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The frequently asked questions try to answer all common questions you might have about connecting devices to your Mercedes-Benz-Vehicle. Select a topic you are interested in and click on the question to see the answer or search for a phrase directly.

Bluetooth® Connectivity


General Questions

Bluetooth Audio

  • Music playback does not start after connecting the phone.
    It may be necessary to start playback on the device itself or to start playback manually using the vehicle's system.
  • Music playback does not work properly (interruptions, distortions).
    This may be caused by the following: 1. The device is performing other operations and can therefore not transfer the music data correctly. Exit any other applications the phone is running. 2. Interference with other Bluetooth networks as well as W-LAN (WiFi) can impair playback. Please deactivate any W-LAN and other Bluetooth networks in your vicinity. 3. Your device is searching for other Bluetooth devices while playing music. Exit the Bluetooth menu in the device or deactivate the search for other devices.


Media Interface

General Questions

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