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E-Class Coupé (12.2018 - )

E-Class Coupé (12.2018 - )
+ Google Pixel 3 XL
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Device Information

The information below displays the range and coverage of features between the selected device and your vehicle. Please read the comments for extra information on exceptions and requirements.


Google Pixel 3 XL


Please note our information on which software versions of your mobile phone have been tested and thus released for use in your vehicle.
Installed apps, software updates, phone settings as well as a high use of the main memory and storage space of the phone can affect functionality and cause problems.

Approved phone software versions: Android 10

Basic telephony functions

Call handling ?
Display signal ?
Battery level display ?
Recommended transmission volume ? +/- 0
Recommended reception volume ? +/- 0
Authorisation ?
External authorisation ?
Abilitazione NFC ?
Redial list ?

Advanced telephony functions

HD Voice ?
Inband ringtone ?
Multi-party call ?
Conference call ?
Call waiting ?
Speed dial ?
Adopting a call ?
Voice recognition via mobile phone ? Supported with "Google assistant" voice assistant.

Importing contacts

Contacts from SIM ?
Contacts from phone ?
Contact pictures ?
Multiple numbers ?
Call lists ?
Receive individual contacts ?
Receive multiple contacts ?

SMS text messaging

Notification ?
Read ?
Write ?
Delete ?


Notification ?
Read ?
Write ?
Delete ?

Music functions

Audio streaming ?
Track information ?
Track length ?
Shuffle ?
Repeat mode ?
Fast forward/rewind ?
Skip track ?
Music selection ? Only supported with "Google play music" music player.
Playback application to be started on device ?


Data connection to COMAND Online ?
Data connection via USB ?
Data connection via wifi hotspot. ?