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Vito (09.2010 - 08.2014)

Vito (09.2010 - 08.2014)
+ Apple iPhone 4
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Device Information

The information below displays the range and coverage of features between the selected device and your vehicle. Please read the comments for extra information on exceptions and requirements.

Apple iPhone 4

Item number: B6 656 1020


Under certain conditions it is necessary to set call volume and media volume on your mobile phone to maximum to get the best sound quality in your vehicle.

Please note our information on which software versions of your mobile phone have been tested and thus released for use in your vehicle.
Installed apps, software updates, phone settings as well as a high use of the main memory and storage space of the phone can affect functionality and cause problems.

Approved phone software versions: V4.1


Provider names ?
Signal strength ?
Phone battery status ?
Roaming ?
Caller number ?
Phone book download ?
Dial a call ?
Accept a call ?
End a call ?


Contacts on SIM card ?
Contacts on phone ?
Multiple numbers ?
Call lists ?


Ringtone at the phone ?
Ringtone at the radio ?