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M-Class SUV (06.2012 - 05.2013)

M-Class SUV (06.2012 - 05.2013)
+ Nokia 6700 classic
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Device Information

The information below displays the range and coverage of features between the selected device and your vehicle. Please read the comments for extra information on exceptions and requirements.

Accessory for Nokia 6700 classic

Item number: A2128200151


Display contacts from SIM card:
SIM card entries must be copied to the internal phone memory first.

The telephone's characteristics may adversely affect sound quality.

Do not store entry "Mobilbox" on memory location 1 of mobile phone.

Approved phone software versions: V7.60, V10.50 Nicht freigegeben mit V8.30, V6.61

Basic telephony functions

Call handling ?
Display signal ?
Provider name ?
Recommended transmission volume ? +/- 0
Recommended reception volume ? +/- 0

Advanced telephony functions

inband ringtone ?
Multi-party call ?
Conference call ?
PIN query ?
Subsequent power duration can be set ?
Phone off when "ignition off" ?

Importing contacts

Contacts on SIM ?
Contacts on phone ?
Multiple numbers ?
Call lists ?

SMS text messaging

Notification ?
Read ?
Write ?
Delete ?