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M-Class SUV (06.2012 - 05.2013)

M-Class SUV (06.2012 - 05.2013)
+ BlackBerry 8120 Pearl
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Device Information

The information below displays the range and coverage of features between the selected device and your vehicle. Please read the comments for extra information on exceptions and requirements.

Accessory for BlackBerry 8120 Pearl

Item number: A2048203651


The holder chargers the mobile and connects it to the vehicle´s external aerial. The telephony functions are realised with the standard Bluetooth connectivity. In conjunction with: model series 169 (A-Class), model series 246 (B-Class), model series 204 (C-Class) stowage compartment flap in centre console cannot be opened. To access connectivity functions, mobile-phone holder must be removed. The functional behaviour of the BlackBerry device for addressbook download can be influenced by applied IT guidelines (e.g. enterprise activation). If for instance the phone book and the call lists are not transfered correctly make sure that the phone is unlocked while connecting to the car. Street names cannot be transferred when importing a phone book. Addresses are not provided by the phone during phone book import.